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History Of Nigerian Entertainment Music Industry

History Of Nigerian Entertainment Music Industry
History Of Nigerian Entertainment Music Industry

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Rising early in the morning he looked up at the ceiling, the room was quiet, he stared through the window, he saw his mates and neighbors leaving for their various businesses. He kept quiet pondering over what has transpired in his life over the years after graduating.

He had wanted to study music but his father insisted that he must study law to avenge the land dispute his father had with his uncle. This is the story of Uduak the law graduate.
Intention vs action
This could be the story of your life you are facing right now, maybe you have given up hope in life because of your inability to get reasonable job employment.

How soon have you forgotten your intention before you got admission? You had wanted to be a musician but the fear of what your parents would say has made you forget your intention and interest.

Your intention without ACTION is as useless as a blonde cutlass that has all the features of a cutlass but can not do the work of a cutlass.

No one will beat your drum for you to dance if you don’t make any move to get your drum and hire someone to drum for you. You have to discover yourself to take action toward breaking the ceiling so that you can become the LATEST NIGERIAN MUSIC 2022 superstar like a website six9ja.

Breaking  The Ceiling

You don’t have to take up stones or sticks to start breaking the physical ceiling in your house, breaking the ceiling is breaking records, having a breakthrough in life.

How long will you keep singing in the bathroom, on the street, self-discovery is the greatest thing that should happen to you in the year 2022.

Talent Is Not Enough

Having a singing talent isn’t enough for you to become the LATEST NIGERIAN MUSIC 2022 superstar. You must move out of your comfort zone. You must take a step to become what you want to be in life.
Dream big and think big about yourself, project yourself into the future.

Dare The Risk

calculated risk-takers are the ones who break their ceilings and rule the world.
You know what your heart beats for, your talent is worth the risk to break your ceiling, if you’re in the shoes of Uduak the law student who obeyed his parents and forwent what his heart yearns for, it’s never too late.
If your parents are still insisting you shouldn’t go into music why not have a table discussion with them and point out the reasons why you must go into music.

Now you are an adult you should be able to make decisions of your own without disrespecting your parents.
A lot of parents have come to terms with their children once they have seen the ceiling breaking records in the lives of their children.

People Who Took Risks And Broke Their Ceiling

Miles Davis

Miles Davis

Miles Davis created iconic sounds and influenced not only jazz but other genres of music. But, the nine-time Grammy winner may have turned out differently if he had followed his mother’s preference of playing the violin instead of the trumpet. Miles’s mother, Cleota, thought an interest or career in the stringed instrument would be more socially accepted in a segregated society. Miles’s father, meanwhile, hoped his son would become a dentist, but he understood Miles’s interest in music and bought him a trumpet. The Davis family eventually supported Miles’s instrument decision and career,
Courtesy: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/72361/15-famous-people-who-picked-careers-their-parents-disapproved.

Cellia Cruz

Cellia Cruz

Cuban-American singer Celia Cruz sidetracked her father’s feelings about singing salsa music to become a Latin music icon. As a teenager, Celia won a radio singing contest in Havana, Cuba, and was encouraged by her mother to attempt a music career. But Celia’s father pressured her to instead be a teacher, and though she did attend a nearby teachers’ college to appease her father, she chose to return to singing.
Courtesy: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/72361/15-famous-people-who-picked-careers-their-parents-disapproved.


Engelbert Humperdinck

The 19th-century composer Engelbert Humperdinck (not to be confused with the 1960s British pop singer) should have become an architect. Or at least, that’s what his parents thought. Unable to fully resist his parents’ wishes, Humperdinck studied architecture in Germany until he was 25. But he had also continued his music education, which led him to win several prestigious awards, including the first Mendelssohn Award, and led him to be a full-time composer. Now, he is best known for his opera Hansel and Gretel, which was the first work broadcast live on the radio from New York’s Metropolitan Opera for Christmas 1931.
Courtesy: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/72361/15-famous-people-who-picked-careers-their-parents-disapproved

Innocent Idibia

Innocent Idibia

Getty image
Popularly known as 2face India has attested to the fact that his parents never wanted him to be a musician instead they wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer.
But he made his decision to become the superstar we see in him today.

The list is endless of people who defy all odds and dare the risk to pursue their dreams which have given them a prestigious name in the Guinness book of record.
You could be the LATEST NIGERIAN MUSIC 2022 superstar if you take the following steps.


1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

opportunities will never come to you while waking up in the morning without having a plan for your life and your future, time is very essential, you need to make hay while sunshine. Time lost can never be recovered.
You have to leave your comfort zone of mediocrity and fear of what people will say about you. Those who are afraid of what people will say will never amount to anything in life.

2. Develop Yourself

Self-development is like a treasure hidden in the earth. Until you explore it you never discover the amount of treasure you buried inside of you. The invention of the digital world has made learning easy in recent times. You can develop yourself in the comfort of your home on different digital platforms such as YOUTUBE, COURSERA, etc. You can as well register for music classes physically.

3. Build A Relationship

Birds of a feather flock together, you can’t be a lone ranger if you truly want to succeed in life, you need to build relationships with like-minded people who have the same passion as you, people who can motivate you to succeed.
If your circle of friends is mediocre, you are one.

4. Put Your Talent To Test

Putting your talent to the test will prove your credit to move on with your career, pick up one of your songs and compose it, get into the studio, book a session.
Better still you can buy beats online and record your songs online too.

Music Apps

⦁ Voloco – for recording
⦁ Beat stars- to beats
⦁ Audio MP3 editor.

Conclusion: speak to yourself with positive words when you wake in the morning, believe in yourself and your ability, trust God’s possibilities that you will not only break your ceiling but break boundaries of the LATEST NIGERIAN MUSIC 2022.






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