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Prospa Ochimana

Prospa Ochimana biography cannot be complete without mentioning his career changing song, Ekwueme. Since his debut, the artiste has not released much information about himself, or his projects. However, we have gathered interesting information about Prospa Ochimana for you.

There are two kinds of celebrities: the ones that reveal even tiniest details about themselves and the ones that keep their personal life as a top secret. Unfortunately, Ochimana belongs to the latter. However, we still know some facts about him. Prospa Ochimana biography Prospa Ochimana is a rising Nigerian gospel music star. He is not only a performer, but also a songwriter, director and composer. His songs are extremely inspiring and soul-touching. The singer is very secretive when it comes to his private affairs. We know that the artist was born in Kogi state. Not much is known about his life before he became famous. As soon as he gained popularity, paparazzi have relentlessly aimed their attention at him, but he seems to always find ways to keep his privacy really tight.


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