Stages to a great music career

Stages to a great music career
Stages to a great music career

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Do you want to make a profession out of music? Do you want to get into the music industry but don’t know where to start?

This blog focuses on key issues and provides methodical explanations about how to succeed in the music industry. Bands, independent artists, performing artists, singer-songwriters, rappers, instrumentalists, and producers will find this resource useful.

It is beneficial to individuals who wish to sign with big record labels. It’s worth noting that, thanks to the internet, musicians no longer have to rely on record labels to be successful in their professions. You can do it yourself if you follow the steps in this instruction.

It is critical to recognize that signing a label is still advantageous. It provides you with connections, experience, and tools to help you extend your musical horizons. The only drawback is that you’ve already spent a lot of money on it. This will not sit well with aspiring artists who are trying to save money. What important in the music industry is to own that piece and take complete control.

Is it difficult to break into the music industry?

Being successful in the music industry is extremely difficult, and only the most brave and hardworking individuals succeed. You can go a long way with good music. In the music industry, selling is a major issue. That is why, before you start singing, you should understand more about the profession. It might not always be what you believe it is.

How can you make a name for yourself in the music industry?

As previously stated, the music industry is huge, and you must always be on your toes. Prepare to perform everywhere, market your music via social media platforms, be a great singer as well as an instrumentalist, perform anywhere, create an EPK, and always rehearse your music.

It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in the music industry. Producing and promoting your piece, as well as taking complete control of every part of it, takes a lot of money. Beginner artists are frequently fooled, and as a result of their experiences, they lose interest in the field. Don’t give up just yet; we’ve studied and compiled the top 20 stages to a successful music career, which are outlined below:

1. Plan ahead of time and make a list of your objectives.

Are you certain you want to pursue a career as an artist? Do you know what you want to accomplish in the music business?

Have you thought about your objectives? You must know where you want to go and how you want to get there. If you’re new to the sector and have no clue what you’re doing, conduct some study and seek advice from others. Don’t squander time; prepare ahead and create realistic goals.

When artists enter the profession, they do so for a variety of reasons. Some are just interested in synchronizing license deals for commercials and movies, while others simply want to play while touring the world. Others, on the other hand, specialize in creating music for other people. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you wish to start your own label in addition to your band?

Make your objectives one-of-a-kind; don’t establish them just because your followers do. They have to be attainable. Make your objectives adaptable so you may adjust them as you acquire experience.

There is no doubt that we are in the twenty-first century, and the internet has taken over the globe. Even though most people will tell you that because you can now advertise your name and brand on the internet, you don’t need to move to a bigger city to sell your music, nor do you need to establish a reputation for yourself in your hometown by attending all of the city’s events. All of these factors, however, remain critical in maximizing your chances of success in this industry.

Stages to a great music career

2. Figure out how to make a living.

The majority of brilliant and aspiring artists fail miserably in this market simply because they abandon everything and travel to the city to sing. This is more of a work of fiction than a true story.

You won’t be able to make a livelihood from music straight soon. Individuals who have created a significant following across several businesses and are currently earning are the only ones who can do it. To be successful in the music industry, however, you must work another job to pay your bills and practice music part-time until you achieve success.

Remember how many artists have tried to get into this profession without considering how they would make a living? They mistakenly believe that striving is a motivator, yet this is not the case. Your life must take precedence.

Anyone can try their hand at music, but not everyone will succeed. It is equally crucial for a novice artist to locate and accomplish something that meets your everyday needs.

You should, on the other hand, find something to do as an adult. Most musicians work for at least 9 hours a day before creating third music. Did you realize that such committed performers still find time to participate in evening shows? Keep in mind that success in the music industry is mostly dependent on hard work and dedication. It’s a long road to being a full-time musician, and it’ll take time.

Some musicians have made it via interning at a music-related company or position, such as music schools, studios, venues, and labels, to name a few.

Working and creating music as a hobby does not exclude you from studying it. Learn everything there is to know about cash flow in this sector. Selling goods, live performances, song licensing, and touring, among other things, are the key financial flows in the music industry.

3. Your music career should be your most important business venture.

Take care of your music career as if it were a business. Learning how to effectively run a firm to enhance profit is one of the things that most individuals undertake to thrive in business.

Simply said, let the music, rather than the physical copies, be your product. This has changed as technology has advanced; today, your commodity is your brand, thus you can only monetize through merch and tickets.

It’s critical to think about the following for your music:


  • Learn about branding and how to use it.
  • Create an effective marketing plan.
  • Know who you’re trying to reach.
  • Select a genre.
  • Keep your music safe.
  • Make a marketing budget for your song.
  • Make a strong business strategy.
  • Employ a supervisor.
  • Engage the services of an accountant to manage your accounts.

4. Hire a lawyer to assist you in signing the contract.

You might want to recruit other pros to assist you with your company. You should conduct extensive study on the subject and be aware of what to expect. A lawyer will advise you and assist you in properly signing all of your contracts.

5. Gain a better understanding of other musicians’ business models.

Learning about the financial side of music is crucial, even for musicians who despise commerce. If you are strong at business and enjoy doing business in addition to singing, you should put together a team that can assist you in any manner. Learn how to sign contracts, as well as written material pertaining to copyright ownership information, operating agreements, regulations, payment expectations, and decision-making.

6. Maintain a good attitude throughout your musical career.

It’s crucial to be yourself and optimistic in your profession. It strengthens your resistance to negative comments made about you.

Do not take things personally, since this may jeopardize your job. Did you know that almost 80,000 albums are released each year? Only 0.25 percent of all of these, or 200 albums, become popular. In order to thrive in this field, you must be hopeful.

7. Give it your all and strive for perfection.

This should be applied to everything you do. Charity, as the adage goes, begins at home; learn to set modest expectations. Keep an eye out for greatness in your music. Give your best to music and never settle for mediocrity.

Learn more from the accessible music teachers that are knowledgeable in both music theory and enjoyment. Find out what successful musicians are doing in the business. Take notes from them.

Listen to various types of music, regardless of genre. Recognize the message and marvel at the beauty.

It’s important to remember that your success in the music industry will be determined by the foundation you set now, as well as the principles you’ve learned.

8. Continue to compose music and hone your skills.

Making music appears to be simple, but it is actually rather difficult. There is a lot of music content created on a regular basis on the market. To keep up with the competition, musicians must create more music. How often can you provide quality content? It’s difficult for a rookie musician to strike a balance between music and business. Most individuals prefer to write as many pieces of music as possible before beginning the recording process. This will allow you to focus on your company while also working on your music. This is the perfect moment to focus on enhancing your music’s quality.

You can only thrive in the music industry if you have high-quality songs that become viral quickly. In other words, a good song inspires people to achieve their goals, and it helps young musicians launch their careers.

Most musicians fail in the music industry because they assume their talent is sufficient. This, on the other hand, is incorrect. There are other more aspects to consider, such as promotion and work ethic. Although talent is important, it will not transfer into a fantastic song that will help you break into this profession.

According to studies, marketing your music is just as vital as writing it. Quality music, promotion, and pushing your song to new audiences are the keys to success in this industry. It makes no difference if your music is new or old since it will always be new to certain individuals.

Refine your talent and continue to improve your abilities. Whether you’re a singer, rapper, or producer, you should continually practice and learn new things.

Because of his brilliance, hard language, uncommon compositions, and promotion abilities, Russ is an artist to keep an eye on in the music industry. He inked a record deal with Colombia Records recently. By releasing free music every week, he grows his fan base from the ground up.

You should not replicate other artists’ work, but you may learn from them to develop your abilities and aptitude. Make sure you’re in a location that supports your emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

It’s also critical to generate high-quality audio in your song. Improve the sound quality in various speaker systems. You may now record music on your laptop as well as with high-quality equipment. To ensure quality, choose the appropriate acoustic setting.

9. Form a professional peer group to serve as a sounding board.

Some people would like to spend time with their family and friends. However, this is not recommended because, in most circumstances, they do not provide a true opinion.

As you create reasonable objectives and expectations, get constructive advice from music pros. Network effectively since your net worth is determined by how well you network.

To begin, you must establish contacts within the local community as well as inside the music scenes. You may establish a network inside your school, community, and city. Understanding diverse settings may help you develop musical relationships. Consult with local musicians and others involved with the music industry. As a kind of incentive, some people form local support groups.

Other than growing a fan following, make effective use of the network. Make the most of networking possibilities, especially by contacting relevant online communities that promote local artists. You will have more chances as a result of this since you will be able to meet and cooperate with other artists.

Networking allows you to mix with other artists for colorations, booking agents, managers, and photographers through forming ties. You’ll be able to build a decent working group from here. It’s best to establish a team of people who are on the same level as you since they believe in you and are more inclined to support your efforts.

“Relationships are the key to success in the music industry,” according to musicians with industry expertise, therefore the sooner you start creating your team, the better.

Establish a web presence

10. Establish a web presence

Some musicians pursue music as a pastime, while others pursue it as a career. Presentation is crucial in the corporate world. Treat your music not only as a profession but also as a business. You must always promote yourself as an artist. Your followers will equate you with low quality if you consistently appear amateurish.

To ensure your internet visibility, work on the quality of your visuals, such as graphics, images, and videos.

To acquire high-quality images of your brand and yourself, hire a professional photographer. These images can be used in your biography, on social media, and on your website. Always have a long conversation with your photographer about how you want to use certain photos or forthcoming events in the future.

To allow you to use diverse images in the proper position, advise your photographer to cover long as well as close-up views and orientations.

Without a doubt, as a novice, you may not be able to afford to hire a graphic designer. Learn to complete tasks on your own. Use merch designs, logos, and record covers to your advantage. Consider using a free program called Canva to assist you with the visuals.

Make sure your social media profiles are set up and optimized. A professional website is also an option. To assist in the creation of a website, use Squarespace.

Register a domain name and keep your social network usernames consistent by utilizing the same name. will show you all of the available domain names.

It’s critical to make a solid first impression with your website as well as a strong brand. Don’t rely just on SoundCloud to maintain your internet presence.

11. Come up with a catchy artist name or brand.

Create a strong brand that will help people recognize and remember you in this market. This crucial feature will assist you in promoting your song to the appropriate audience. To construct your brand, you must first learn about yourself and develop self-awareness. Not everyone will enjoy your music; thus, establish your identity and let potential fans make their own decisions about your music.

Your artist name, as well as your brand, may alter and evolve. New artists should begin with a basic yet lovely name to which they can commit. Choose a basic, easy-to-remember brand.

Choose a distinctive brand; you might consider your hoot, narrative, or nugget. This name should be genuine, and your audience should be able to relate to it.

What qualifies you as a creative person? Sit down and give your music some serious thought. Make a simple line on paper using it. Mention whether you’re a female or male rapper in your bio. Indicate if you’re from California or New York. Mention what songs you’ll be releasing soon, your hobbies, styles, and the kind of scenes, lives, and interests you have outside of music to your followers.

12. Use the value in your song to influence people.

As a new musician, getting attention is difficult. New artists frequently engage experts such as bloggers, influencers, tastemakers, and playlists to help them publicize their work and gain popularity. This refers to those who have a huge number of followers. With attention-getting music, you can be sure that you will become well-known in no time.

Most artists will not be given the opportunity to be promoted even if they want it. As an artist, consider how promoting yourself benefits them.

Keep in mind that in the music industry, individuals are not always willing to help you out of the goodness of their hearts. Sometimes you need to make contacts or prove yourself.

This takes effort and dedication. Recognize your worth as an artist. How can you make the most of this value to sway your audience? Before leveraging, new artists must first give value.

To be successful in the music industry in the past, you had to give away your songs for free to gain a following. You may add value to your brand by having fantastic music that helps influencers appear authentic in front of your audience.

What if you had a big, active audience who could help your popular playlist gain more exposure?

There are media entities that you must engage with the local press as well, resulting in a unique tale that will be beneficial.

Do not rely on what you desire more than a point of view. It’s already wonderful news that the music and audience have grown. It’s also feasible to use your tale to your advantage.

13. A musician must learn and comprehend all of the fundamentals of music copyright regulations.

You must safeguard your music from piracy. You should copyright your song appropriately to avoid piracy.

Copyrighting and recording will keep your music safe and protected from piracy. To provide further protection, register your song with the copyright office. This will also act as proof that you are the creator of that particular work.

Do you realize that copyright infringement can happen to you? You are likely to become a victim if you do not copyright your song. According to an A&R at a large label, it’s simple to scout certain newer artists’ songs and see if they’re copyrighted. These guys would simply take your music if the artist was not registered. This has been a common occurrence in recent years. As an artist, be aware of your rights and take precautions before it’s too late.

If you’re not sure how to register your music, do some research and make sure you’re on the correct track. Begin by studying the fundamentals of copyright and the registration procedure.

To prevent any legal action, know exactly what you can and cannot do as a producer, especially if you’re into generating beats and manipulating samples.

To avoid future misunderstandings, bands and groups must work out how to divide ownership of the musical compositions they make.

14. Seek out as many opportunities to perform as possible.

If you want to be successful in the music industry, you must seek out opportunities to play. Some people want to work behind the scenes in music production, while others wish to sing for other licensed musicians or for the remainder of their lives. If you don’t want to be like this forever, don’t do it.

As record sales decline over time, live performances help to supplement your income. This is the moment for up-and-coming musicians to promote their music, especially to individuals who haven’t heard it before.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible while performing live. Make the most of this chance to improve your work. To improve, acquire additional skills, practice, and experience.

Record all of your live performances and improve as much as possible depending on your comments. Earning money from your blunders is always a wonderful idea. Watch and study live performances of your favorite or competitors.

Some fresh artists may not be able to acquire paid performing opportunities. This should not be a deterrent to you. You may begin by playing at family events, as well as at schools, churches, and towns.

Some individuals employ booking brokers, which may be expensive for young acts. Demonstrate to your followers that your ability and superb music are enough to get you those concerts.

Form a group

15. Form a group

As previously said, you must grow your team in order to take your music career to the next level. Some musicians operate and manage their music careers on their own, however, this is not recommended. Even while being creative is beneficial, it will be tough to succeed in the music industry on your own. Identify and collaborate with competent individuals you can trust. They will assist you in gaining control of and flourishing in your musical career.

While a novice, you should take your time and accomplish things on your own as you discover how the music industry works. This will assist you in identifying some of the duties and tasks that you should outsource in order to save time.

There’s little question that you’d like to connect with and collaborate with many of the folks you’ve met at this stage. You recognize their potential and believe they can contribute to your team.

The following are some suggestions for selecting the ideal people for your team:

Find out if they have any personal ambitions or goals. Of course, they, like you, require incentives. Working with someone who is more concerned with getting money than with ideas is pointless. They must have their own attainable objectives that are nearly identical to yours.

They must share their ideas; it is critical to collaborate with individuals who share your outlook on life. It’s pointless to collaborate with someone who doesn’t enjoy your music. If they don’t like it, how will they market it in the first place? choose if you enjoy working with your team and how much time you are willing to spend with them.

They should work on improving their communication abilities. They must reply appropriately to every feedback left on your page by your fans. Keep in mind that some people are terrible at getting back at other people. Working with folks like this irritates and frustrates me.

Before forming a team, an artist would search for. Allow it to be a group of people that are eager to learn alongside you and provide you with honest criticism. They should not, under any circumstances, take advantage of you.

The persons listed below can help you advance your career by forming a solid team:

  • Assistants
  • Managers
  • Both a photographer and a videographer
  • Agent for bookings
  • Attorney for the entertainment industry
  • Strategists in marketing

16. Learn how to correctly release your music on the internet.

It’s difficult to become well-known and successful in the music industry. However, things might surprise you at times, especially if you upload your music on YouTube and Soundcloud and suddenly become famous. Well, good distribution ensures that your music reaches as many platforms as possible. You’ll need to work with a competent distributor if you want your music to be heard on big platforms like Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Spotify, to name a few.

Reputable internet music distributors include:

  • CDBaby
  • Distrokid
  • TuneCore

The sites listed above will help you distribute your music to major streaming and digital distribution channels. You won’t have to deal with record labels. These websites provide a variety of prices, tools, and a feast. Before deciding on a fast, take your time and get it right.

17. Find out how to make money from music royalties.

Royalty payments are perplexing and difficult to understand. We’ll go over how to make royalties in detail:

In the music industry, songwriters, recording artists, music composers, and music producers all earn money from the music they create when it is played and used in various ways. For example, if you submit your music to sites like YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, you may make money from it, such as when people play your song.

Royalties come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Synchronization
  • Mechanical
  • Performance

Contemplate this essential, even if most new artists do not consider joining a Performance Rights Organization (PRO). Collecting publication royalties earned by your music is one of the most important duties of a PRO. When you perform live or play music, you can earn royalties. This is an important thing to consider because it will provide you with a good source of money. Join PRO and benefit from their assistance.

Traditional performance royalties in the United States are as follows:

  • SEAC
  • BMI

Consider the following options for digital performance royalties:

  • SoundExchange

18. Prepare your mind to be psychologically strong and steady for the long term.

The music industry is challenging, and success isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. You must work diligently and strategically. Don’t be disheartened.

On YouTube and Spotify, your first or second song may only obtain a maximum of 20 streams. These are most likely streams from your friends, relatives, and college classmates. Do not quit up; you will ultimately collect hundreds, if not millions, of dollars. Keep in mind that becoming famous takes a long time and requires a lot of effort simply to get your name out there. Don’t get too worked up just because you got 20 while your pals got millions. Take your time, learn about the business, and go at your own speed. Ascertain that you are as relaxed as possible.

In the music industry, you will almost certainly suffer rejection, be turned down the majority of the time, be ignored, and receive the worst criticism possible. That is a fact of life; we are only being practical. You will be ashamed throughout your performance, but learn to embrace it. You will appreciate becoming a celebrity if you become a winner in the future.

It’s all difficult, especially considering you’re still in school; you’re working and practicing music at the same time.

Do not do this on your alone; you may become overwhelmed in the process. I’m sure you can find an artist with whom you can collaborate. Seek counsel from someone you can confide in, such as a musical friend or family member, if you feel the need.

Maintain a positive attitude at all times.

19. Educate yourself and make an investment in yourself.

Music is a very difficult profession. You must be fashionable, do a lot of things that your fans want you to do, and sometimes you must cross international borders just to make it. It’s all about putting money into yourself. You must be willing to put in extra effort and gain new skills as you complete tasks.

To make a living in the music industry, you’ll need money. You’ll need to employ a photographer and a blogger, as well as create a website. In order to transcribe your music and play in venues, you may need to employ a designer, a CD presser, and a manager. Music is similar to a company in that it requires some investment and the greatest products to compete. You need appropriately invest in yourself in order to produce high-quality music.

Your followers can’t just put their money into you.

Aside from having some cash, you’ll also need to devote a significant amount of time to studying and producing music.

Because time is money, you can invest either your money or your time. You’ll need plenty of time to grasp both the creative and business aspects of music production. If you want to succeed in the music industry, you should prepare to do a lot of studying. Furthermore, as a new artist, you will be expected to do a lot of things on your own.

The potential to be successful as an independent artist comes with a lot of obstacles and obligations. You must complete all tasks on your own. A musician who performs as a pastime rather than as a full-time job may not have what it takes to flourish in this field. It’s worth noting that a music profession entails a variety of factors, including prior experience, education, talent, performance, and the ability to learn new skills. You’re simply artists. Because you are not an accountant, an entertainment law, or a marketer, you must conduct a study and learn what to expect from the services of other specialists.

Choosing online classes for growth has shown to be one of the most effective approaches for most beginning artists. I’m familiar with Skillshare, a website that provides a variety of courses, including music and business. These courses are available at a low cost on the website. There are also two monthly free trials that include a variety of courses. You may join up for a free trial and study for two months, after which you can drop out if the course does not fulfill your expectations.

20. Don’t do things just because your followers want you to.

In order to succeed in the music industry, we need a strong fan base, but you must be cautious. Not all of your admirers are enamored with your work. Some are your foes, and they’re out to get you. Well, it’s reasonable to go over all of their criticism and respond appropriately. However, don’t do things just because your followers have requested you to. This might be the final chapter in your professional life.

Some of the remarks you receive on social media are real, while others are not. Some people are aiming to bring you down, so be cautious how you approach them.

It is also necessary to be familiar with the industry. The music industry is so large that it encompasses a wide range of abilities, interests, and experiences. Know what you want, be an incomplete charge, and make as many connections as you can.

To sum up, there are Stages to a great music career.

We just discovered that because the music industry is so huge, only the finest vocalists and instrumentalists succeed. Music, on the other hand, is more of a business, but we should not rely on it to pay our bills as emerging artists. We can attest that the steps outlined above are beneficial, particularly for spring musicians. Because music calms our thoughts and comforts our emotions, it’s important to constantly feed this business with good material to keep the spirit alive. You may now easily achieve success in the music industry by following the procedures outlined above.


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